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Android 11

Hey guys, we know that lots of users are waiting for the Android 11 update on the Poco M2/ Poco M2 Pro/ Redmi Note 9/ Redmi 9 Prime.

Redmi 9 Prime And Poco M2 both of the devices are the same devices and the poco m2 was a rebranded version of Redmi 9 prime, the only difference in these devices are that the poco M2 device is slightly cheaper then Redmi 9 prime, both of the devices are powered with these same mediatek G80 processor and a 48 megapixels is back camera. both of the devices are symmetrical same and it will not have any type of changes, So talking about the Android 11 Update status.

Recently, Xiaomi released the Android 11 kernel source code for the Redmi Note 9, Redmi 10X 4G, Redmi 9, Redmi 9 Prime, and Poco M2 collectively.

Now the total work of Android 11 on these devices are done and Xiaomi is now set to launch the Android 11 update for these devices, Xiaomi might release Android 11 update for both of these devices that in the end of July 2021 or the first week of August 2021.

because in the previous week a moderator from poco has announced that in the first week of August 2021 Poco will be releasing lots of updates on their devices, so it’s might be expected that Poco M2 and Redmi 9 prime will received their Android 11 update in the starting days of the August 2021.

Android 11

Android 11 Features :-

  • Schedule Dark Mode
  • New System Navigation
  • New Notification Shade
  • Better Privacy Support
  • Updated Android Farmware
Android 11

Schedule Dark Mode :- in the Android 11 update we have a new and exciting feature which is known as scheduling dark mode this feature is a really very big feature because lots of users use dark mode on their device and still they don’t have any type of option to schedule their dark mode but in the Android 11 update they are going to see a new option called as a schedule dark mode using this feature users can easily schedule the dark mode according to their usage and the time pattern.

New System Navigation :- In Android 11 update we are going to see new navigations on our device recently with the Android 10 update we have seen a new system navigation bar or on lots of poco and Xiaom devices but because of some errors Xiaomi has just released a new OTA update and removed system navigation bar from all of the mid-range devices but in Android 11 update this problem is now totally fixed and you are going to see a new system navigation bar with a fluid support of pattern navigation gestures.

New Notification Shade :- With android 11 update you will get an option to switch into the notification shade. you can easily switch Miui Or Android notification shade. also you will get some new icons on the Miui control center.

And all of the notifications get separated from each and everyone because from this starting am Miui has a problem to manage the notifications on the notification panel so if you also faced any type of problem Now with the Android 11 update this problem is getting fixed.

Better Privacy Support :- With Android 11 Update Google has given you a right to manage all of the permissions of the installed application on your device and this feature is really great for the users who don’t want to give any type of permissions to any unnecessary applications basically this feature really helps you to improve your privacy.

Updated Android Firmware :- Android 11 will come with a new farmware and your device will get a new firmware update when your device receive Android 11 and with the Android 11 you also get the latest security patch of that month when this update comes on your device.

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