Miui 12.5 Hi, guys if you are looking for the MI UI 2.5 update for your Poco X3 device so in this article we are going to talk about the full information for the Poco X3 device because no one is talking about the Poco X3.

Android 11 Update Status For Poco X3 –

As we know that the Poco X3 device is a very great device in the segment and Poco still have the Poco X3 running on the Android 10 in the India and this is very disappointing.

We know that Poco recently released and Android 11 update for Poco X3 device but that update is not fully stable and after updating the Poco X3 device to Android 11 lots of users facing major issues like battery draining issues and lot more. So still lots of users in India are waiting for the stable Android 11 update for Poco X3 device.

Miui 12.5 Update Status For Poco X3-

Miui 12.5

MI 12.5 update for Poco X3 device is still under the development phase and still Poco has not confirmed that in which month or in which date puku will be releasing MI UI 12.5 update for Poco X3 but if we talk about some leagues and all internal tips Poco X3 will finally receive it’s MI UI 12.5 update between the end of the July month for the starting weeks of August month, so if you guys use Poco X3 device as your daily driver so you have to wait a little bit longer to see MI UI 12.5 update for your Poco X3 device.

Miui 12.5 Features –

  • Light Weight Ui
  • Deletable System Apps
  • New Animations
  • New Visual Changes

Light Weight Ui –

As we know MI UI 12.5 update is very lightweight UI we have ever seen also in this Ui Xiaomi has also added lots of features which make Miui 12.5 the best UI available in the market, the first feature which makes MI u i 12.5 the lighter u i of the decade is you can easily uninstall all of the system applications.

Deletable System Apps-

There is a feature available in the MI 12.5 where you can easily uninstall all of the system applications available on your device basically this features has not introduced in India but in the m i u i 12.5 Indian stable version we can expect that this feature will be debating with the redmi note 10 device.

New Animations-

In MI UI 12.5 Xiaomi has also added lots of new animations which you guys are gonna to love because the animations are really much smoother than the older version and all of the animations are compatible with the higher refresh rate display so this one looks very nice and this feature is also debating with the MI UI 12.5 Indian version.

New Visual Changes –

In MI UI 12.5 there are lots of visual changes which we have seen under the settings of the UI first feature or we can say new visual change in the MIui 12.5 is you can easily add any type of shortcuts on your notification or the control centre panel, also in the new version you may see a new type of phone twitch sound me called as the Mi Font.

Still there are lots of features which we have not covered but these are the some extra ordinary exciting features for which you guys can easily wait for. On Update scoop

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