Miui 12.5 Update Traker :-

As we know that Poco is the sub brand of Xiaomi and Poco has released lots of devices in the European and Indian market and Poco devices are working very well and getting a lot of software support from Poco but still lots of users are not satisfied with the MIUI 12 running on the Poco devices and now users are waiting for the MIUI 12.5 update on their devices.

also in the year of 2020 poco is well known as the rebranding brand because poco rebranded lots of Xiaomi and Redmi devices in India and in the global market and provided all of these devices in a cheaper price, Like Poco x2 is the rebranded version of the Chinese redmi K30 and the device is really good in the price segment and users really liked poco X2 device a lot.

Again after this exercise of Redmi K30 rebranded version Poco X2 poco also rebranded a device in India which is known as poco M2 pro will go M2 Pro is the rebranded version of the Redmi Note 9 Pro Max and the device features are really great specifications at the lowest price people also loved Poco m2 pro in India.

after this exercise of poco M2 Pro in India poco also released lots of devices in the poco M lineup and one of the most successful device of poco m series is poco m2 which is also a rebranded version of Redmi 9 prime which launched in India also vocal M2 features a 6 GB RAM variant under the price of 10,000 rupees in India and this device is really a blockbuster device for poco.

But all the things are changed in 2021 because in 2021 Poco has released lots of individual devices which Poco designed in its Factories , poco started its individual journey with the poco x3 the device which poco indivisually designed and launched in the market and really poco x3 is also a disaster for poco because poco x3 also achieved a biggest milestone for the company.

but now Poco has launched lots of devices in India and global market but and terms of software update poco is still lagging behind the MIUI so recently poco has said that poco is working on the poco UI but still we don’t have any type of information about the poco UI that when it’s launching in India or in global market or not.

Miui 12.5

Poco Miui 12.5 Eligible Devices List :-

  • Poco M2
  • Poco M2 Pro
  • Poco M3 Pro
  • Poco M3
  • Poco X2
  • Poco X3
  • Poco X3 NFC
  • Poco X3 Pro
  • Poco C3
  • Poco F1
  • Poco F2 Pro
  • Poco F3
  • Poco F3 Pro
  • Poco F3 Gt Nfc
  • Poco F3 Gt
  • Poco F3 Gt [ Max Ram Version ]

Poco Miui 12.5 Update Traker :-

Still lots of Poco devices are eligible for the MIUI 12.5 update in India and in the global side but recently poco is still not released any type of MIUI 12.5 update kernel sources for the devices.

Note New Information Got Updated From The Bottom

News 1 [ March 27 ]

A new MIUI 12.5 stable India tester update as now started and lots of poco and Xiaomi devices are listed on this list if we talk about the number of devices there are total of 26 number of devices and several devices are from the poco and lots of poco devices are eligible for the MIUI 12.5 stable update testing.

News 2 [ May 14 ]

Poco x3 and FC version is replaced from the MIUI 12.5 Indian stable update testing list because Poco has added Poco M3 Pro instead of Poco X3 so poco x3 is now getting its MIUI 12.5 update a little bit slower than the poco m3 pro but still you don’t have to get worry because poco will surely release MIUI 12.5 update for poco X3 and Poco X3 and NFC version.

News 3 [ May 27 ]

A device from the factory of Poco has started receiving its MIUI 12.5 update first time in the European market and this device is the very first Poco device which has received its MIUI 12.5 update till yet, and the device is poco x3 pro

News 4 [ June 1 ]

Now poco has started rolling out MIUI 12.5 update for Poco F3 in European market this device is the second device which has received its MIUI 12.5 update after Poco X3 pro.

News 5 [ June 8 ]

Now finally Poco has started rolling out its MIUI update for Poco x 3 Pro device in the global reason and lots of poco x3 pro devices has received its MIUI 12.5 update and this time this update is totally stable and don’t have any types of bugs.

News 6 [ June 10 ]

Now Poco X3 Pro has started receiving its MIUI 12.5 update as these table beta in the European countries like Taiwan and Russia these countries has received their MIUI based MIUI 12.5 stable update which is in the beat form

News 7 [ June 22 ]

Lots of poco F1 devices users are waiting for the MIUI 12.5 update on their device so it’s a good news because poco might be giving MIUI 12.5 update for Poco F1 also because Xiaomi me 8 device has just received its MIUI update, F1 is eligible because Poco F1 branded version of Xami Mi 8.

News 8 [ June 26 ]

The Miui 12.5 update is now started rolling out for Poco X3 Pro in Turkey the total update size is across 2.8 GB and the update brings lots of Mi 12.5 features and there are no features which are missing on the.

News 9 [ June 29 ]

The Poco M3 Pro this device has finally started receiving out its latest MI UI 12.5 update as this device is the part of the Chinese stable beta testing program 12.5 is still in the beta form and 12.5 update is still not rolled out for global or any specific country.

News 10 [ July 7 ]

the Indian variant of the Poco X3 pro has finally started receiving its MI UI 12.5 stable update and this update brings lots of hidden features of Mi UI 12.5 and also so there are are lots of bug fixed.

News 11 [ July 10 ]

MIUi 12.5 and Android 11 update for Poco M2 Pro is expected to get released in the end of July month because some moderators on the MI community has confirmed that the work on the MI 12.5 has done and now is set to release the update for Poco M2 Pro device as soon as it possible.

News 12 [ July 12 ]

Still Poco x3 NFC version and non NFC version MIUI 12.5 is still delayed because earlier according to the timeline this device must be receiving its MIUI 12.5 based Android 11 update with the MIUI 12.5 but this doesn’t happen poco only released android 11 update for this device and still poco is making lots of arguments regarding MIUI 12.5 for Poco X 3 device still there are lots of confusion about this device but according to a leak Poco X3 might be get its MIUI 12.5 update by the early August also a moderator on me community confirmed that they are set to release MIUI 12.5 update for lots of devices including Poco X3.

News 13 [ July 15 ]

Android 11 source codes are released for the poco m3 poco m2 and C3.

News 14 [ July 15 ]

Poco has released another MIUI 12.5 update for its rebranded device Poco X2 and Poco x 2 users are still not be able to install this update on their device because this update is for the beta testers so if you are waiting for the update you have to wait a little bit longer to grab this update on your device.

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