One ui 4.0

Samsung One Ui 4.0 First Look-

As we know Samsung one UI 4.0 is being delayed a little bit more due to some initial issue, but finally we have received some leaked screenshots of the one UI 4.0 which we can call them official first look of the one UI 4.0, a trusted source ice universe has tweeted some looks of the one UI 4.0 as they are using it as a developer.

One Ui 4.0

Adjust Transperancy On Lockscreen –

In one UI 4.0 we have an option by to adjust the transparency of the widgets which we set on the the lock screen, in One ui 3.0 we only have an option to adjust the transparency of the widgets in the home screen but now in the one UI 4.0 we can adjust the transparency of widgets over the lock screen as well as the home screen.

New Charging Animation –

Also in the one UI 4.0 we have seen a new charging animation which is not looking damn good but for Samsung users it’s a miracle because from a long time Samsung didn’t focused on their charging animation and lots of users I keep reporting about this on Samsung community and Samsung member application and now Samsung has taken all of the feedbacks of the users and really implemented on one UI 4.0 so that’s why One ui 4.0 will be really interesting update for Samsung uses.

No Difference Between M SERIES And A SERIES –

Also a leak tells that in India and other regions where Samsung M series of devices are running, Samsung is planning to remove all the differences between M series of devices and A series of devices because lots of features from M series are missing in this time and the market share of M series are going downward.

One Ui 4.0

One Ui 4.0 ( Android 12 ) Eligible Devices –


Galaxy S21 5G
Galaxy S21+ 5G
Galaxy S21 Ultra 5G
Galaxy S20
Galaxy S20 5G
Galaxy S20 5G UW
Galaxy S20+
Galaxy S20+ 5G
Galaxy S20 Ultra
Galaxy S20 Ultra 5G
Galaxy S20 FE
Galaxy S20 FE 5G
Galaxy S20 FE 5G UW
Galaxy S10 5G
Galaxy S10+
Galaxy S10
Galaxy S10e
Galaxy S10 Lite


Galaxy Note 20 Ultra
Galaxy Note 20 Ultra 5G
Galaxy Note 20
Galaxy Note 20 5G
Galaxy Note 10+
Galaxy Note 10+ 5G
Galaxy Note 10
Galaxy Note 10 5G
Galaxy Note 10 Lite


Galaxy Z Fold 3 5G
Galaxy Z Fold 2
Galaxy Z Fold 2 5G
Galaxy Z Flip 3 5G
Galaxy Z Flip
Galaxy Z Flip 5G
Galaxy Fold
Galaxy Fold 5G

Galaxy A series

Galaxy A71 5G
Galaxy A71
Galaxy A51 5G
Galaxy A51
Galaxy A52
Galaxy A52 5G
Galaxy A52s
Galaxy A72
Galaxy A90 5G
Galaxy A01
Galaxy A11
Galaxy A31
Galaxy A41
Galaxy A21
Galaxy A21s
Galaxy A Quantum
Galaxy Quantum 2
Galaxy A42 5G
Galaxy A02
Galaxy A02s
Galaxy A03s
Galaxy A12
Galaxy A12 Nacho
Galaxy A32
Galaxy A32 5G
Galaxy A22
Galaxy A22 5G

Galaxy M series

Galaxy M42 5G
Galaxy M12
Galaxy M62
Galaxy M01
Galaxy M02s
Galaxy M02
Galaxy M21
Galaxy M21s
Galaxy M22
Galaxy M31
Galaxy M31 Prime Edition
Galaxy M32
Galaxy M32 5G
Galaxy M51
Galaxy M31s

Galaxy F series

Galaxy F41
Galaxy F62
Galaxy F02s
Galaxy F12
Galaxy F22


Galaxy Tab A7 Lite
Galaxy Tab S7 FE
Galaxy Tab S7
Galaxy Tab S7 5G
Galaxy Tab S7+
Galaxy Tab S7+ 5G
Galaxy Tab S7 FE 5G
Galaxy Tab S6 Lite
Galaxy Tab S6 5G
Galaxy Tab S6
Galaxy Tab A7
Galaxy Tab A7 Lite Wi-Fi
Galaxy Tab A7 Lite LTE
Galaxy Tab Active 3

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