Oneplus 2.0 –

Oneplus 2.0

As we know a few months ago we heard a news about Oneplus merging their OxygenOS with the ColorOs, Now OnePlus CEO Pete Lau has officially revealed their upcoming plan which will be known as Oneplus 2.0.

Pete Lau says oneplus will continue offering, never settle user experience with even more competitive price, and they also try to focus on offline market’s in India where majority of market share is owned by Oppo And Vivo. we don’t know why bbk electronics is doing this because Oppo and Vivo are also their own brand’s, but being a Indian this news looks pretty good.

Software Based Changes :-

In terms of software, Oneplus try to focus on the camera experience as they did with the oneplus 9 series which is why they start collaborating with Sony and hasselblad. now the total control of camera is in the hand of oneplus and now they can did anything what they want as they recently provided a new mode called as XPan mode. And in future they also try to provide some new camera filters and new camera based features for their users.

Still we don’t have to take any type of tension because Oneplus will continue working on their OxygenOs, which is something almost every oneplus users wants, with the OnePlus Nord 2 they started merging their codebase with the ColorOs, by doing this Oneplus can easily provide there new software updates without having any type of issues.

Oneplus 2.0 Features?

Oneplus 2.0

Pete Lau also confirmed that their upcoming Oxygen OS 12 update based on Android 12 update will be coming with lots of new integrated features of ColorOs and some more seamless features which we haven’t seen yet in the the OxygenOs, and all of the future updates will come timely without having any type of delays, So being a OnePlus users I am pretty excited about the OnePlus 2.0.

Oneplus 2.0 Release Date?

However the new upcoming unified OS from the oneplus will have all of the DNA of oxygen OS that oneplus users love, Pete Lau also confirmed that they are unlocking the bootloader of their devices this mean that custom rom developers now easily develop any type of custom ROM for oneplus devices.

And this unified OS will also support the older oneplus devices so we can expect oneplus 7 t Series of devices upgrading on the unified OS but still we don’t have any confirmed dates or release date about this update, Pete Lau has only mentioned that they are launching this Oneplus 2.0 program in 2022 with their upcoming OnePlus flagship series of devices which will be most probably OnePlus 10 series of devices.

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