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Hey, OnePlus users now the time is over and we have got a leak about the official launch of oxygen OS 12 update.

According to a trusted source OnePlus planet oxygen OS 12 will be launching by One plus in the mid of September 2021, according to me this leak is really looking geniune Because if we look at the history of all the launches of oxygen and updates they are held in the month of September or mid of October, Because during this time Oneplus launch their new device of t lineup, Now in 2021 Oneplus all set to release their new Oneplus 9rt along with this device we can expect oxygen os 12 update coming from the factory of the OnePlus.

Oxygen Os 12 Eligible Devices List –

All of the OnePlus devices which released with the oxygen os 10 and Oxygen os 11 Are eligible to receive their oxygen update, most probably these devices are confirmed to receive Oxygen os 12 :-

Oxygenos 12
  • Oneplus Nord
  • Oneplus Nord 2
  • Oneplus Nord CE ( Indian )
  • Oneplus Nord N10
  • Oneplus Nord N 100
  • Oneplus 7t
  • Oneplus 7t Pro
  • Oneplus 8
  • Oneplus 8 Pro
  • Oneplus 8t
  • Oneplus 9
  • Oneplus 9r
  • Oneplus 9 Pro

OxygenOs Os 12 Features –

  • New Elegant Ui
  • New Theme Store
  • Stable Version Of Canvas AOD
  • New Zen Mode 3.0
  • New Oneplus Launcher
  • New Update Policy
  • Bug Free Ui
  • New Game Space
  • New System Wide Dark Mode
  • New Icon Pack
  • New Elegant Ui –

In Oxygen OS 12 update oneplus will be adding lots of new features on the home screen and all over the Ui, and in oxygen OS 12 we are going to see a new elegant UI which improves all over the user interface, also so we can expect some new wallpapers in the oxygen OS 12, oneplus maybe integrate Google news feed on the oneplus launcher to give you a new user interface so this also improve the all over the user interface.

New Theme Store –

Now OnePlus has officially confirmed that they are integrating a new theme store in the oxygen OS 12 update because still in the Oxygen Os 11 there is no feature to use a custom theme on your device so that’s why according to the user feedback Oneplus will be adding a new oneplus theme store, this might be the rebranded version of oppo theme store if this happened so we can’t see any type of free themes on the oneplus devices because oppo themes are paid.

Stable Version Of Canvas AOD –

Yes it’s confirmed that we are going to see a stable version of Canvas AOD on the oxygen OS 12 update because this feature is really very interesting but due to the beta update this feature doesn’t work very well as it can be, so in the oxygen OS 12 we are going to see a stable version of Canvas if you guys are also waiting for this feature just let us know in the comment box.

New Zen Mode 3.0 –

Also in the oxygen OS 12 update we are going to see the new version of Zen mode yes this might be Zen Mode 3.0 because every time when oneplus update Zen mode they improve its stability and also they provide some new natural sounds and natural presets, So it’s also expected to see a new version of the Zen Mode in the Oxygen OS 12 update.

New Oneplus Launcher –

Also with the Oxygen OS 12 we are going to see our newest version of the Oneplus launcher because the oneplus launcher still have lots of bugs and the oxygen OS 11 update for the oneplus devices are not much better than we have expected so with the oxygen OS 12 update oneplus should give a new oneplus launcher update with improved stability and lots of improved features.

New Update Policy –

Recently Oneplus has introduced its new update policy under the new update policy oneplus will be going to give 3 years of major Android update for all of the oneplus 8 series and 9 series or devices, and 4 years of security patch update for their flagship devices, and for the Oneplus mid range devices oneplus has promised that they are going to give 2 years of major Android update and 3 years of security patch update. This is the new policy of oneplus and this policy is going to apply with the oxygen os 12 update.

Bug Free Ui –

As we know, Oxygen OS 11 Update has lots of bug and the oxygen os 11 is the worst UI which we have ever seen on any oneplus devices so with the oxygen OS 12 update oneplus will try to provide a stable version of oxygen os, to impress it’s fans, and users.

New Game Space –

Yes with the oxygen OS 12 update we are going to see a new type of game space which provides you a stable gaming performance and also Oneplus Integrate a network acceleration mode which we have seen in the ColorOS yes according to some leaks network acceleration mode is also integrating with the oxygen OS 12 update, also so we are going to see a new voice changer mod in the oneplus game space application basically this voice changer mod help users to change their in game voice to amaze their friends while playing any type of games

New Icon Pack-

In the oxygen OS 12 update oneplus is also providing you are new type of icon packs yes these icon packs are going to be much better with the oxygen OS 11 update and in this new Icon pack you also have a better support to customise all the icons of a application.

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